Saturday, April 9, 2011

About Him

Nights like last night and mornings like this one make it next to impossible for me to find anything in my life I'd change.

I'd give us more money, of course, always money, but I mean anything that isn't material.

The reason I say us, if you're wondering, is because my boyfriend  and I are very much the "us" type. If one of us had money, we both would. We share our world. I know it's not always like that with couples, but I love it that way. He treats me better than I can possibly deserve and I try to give him everything he wants. I would do anything for him that I could.

I am a good girlfriend and a lucky, lucky girl.

And when we are high all we can do is love each other.
Last night I stared into his opiate eyes, pupils tiny little specks. His eyes drive me crazy. You just can't call them brown. Nature couldn't make a brown color that beautiful. They are some other color entirely. They don't have a name for it. I try to describe them to him sometimes but I always end up lost in them and kissing him to hide that I can't speak.

He is seven years older, six and a half feet tall, and strong.
Charismatic and brilliant.
We rarely fight.
He makes me small, and keeps me safe, he treats me right, and (without really trying to over-share here,) he gets me off.

Every time.

Often more than once.

The sex is unbelievable. We just somehow always knew how to please each other, and it's only gotten better with time. He gave me three orgasms this morning before he left for work, you guys. I suppose it's no wonder I'm feeling so positive about life right now.

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