Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brain Damaged

I locked myself out of my apartment yesterday. B was at work and my roommate wasn't home either so I had to break in through the bedroom window. Awesome, right? Yeah well it gets better.
Our bed is right beneath our window. I was planning on just kind of letting myself fall onto it, but we have these grey goose bottles on the windowsill filled with water and food coloring that I had to get out of the way first. I threw them onto the opposite side of the bed. I was trying to get in quickly because I'm pretty sure like 8 people who live in our building were watching me and it was humiliating. I was also worried someone who didn't recognize me might call the cops or some bullshit.
So I lost my balance and fell.
Onto one of the vodka bottles.
Knocked out cold.
If ever there was a tale of the dangers of alcohol, this is it.
Also, if ever there was a tale of how I am a huge fucking idiot, this is it.

My head hurt ALL day after I woke back up (I guess woke up is the word....un-passed out?) and I felt nauseous and weak and I'm pretty sure I am concussed. I'm feeling better today but jesus I'm an idiot.
B worried about me all night.

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  1. You should probably get checked out at the hospital just to be safe.