Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post. I really appreciate your support. You are all truly wonderful.
I didn't post all weekend or on Monday because B wasn't working and we were spending time together.
It's not that I'm trying to hide this blog from him.
I'm not. I wouldn't care if he found it and read it, maybe he already has. Probably.
There is nothing here I wouldn't tell him if he were to ask about it, or if I thought it was anything he really wanted to talk about.
I don't really have anything to say today. I'm not feeling the best. I'm kind of sad. I don't know why.
Tuesday is always the saddest day of the week.
I'm so tired.
I hope B is in a good mood when he gets home tonight.
I want us to have a good night.
I guess this is just a post to let everyone know I'm still alive. Maybe I'll be more in the mood for this later.
Sorry for being a waste of time.


  1. Tuesday really is the worst day of the week. I think we should just get rid of it altogether. A 4 day workweek would be awesome...
    Hope you have a better day Wednesday. <3

  2. Hope your feeling better hun! I hate work all together (even tho I love my job). I'm still waiting for that bank account to fall from the sky and solve all my problems....lol. How about you?

  3. Four day workweek=YES
    Bank account in the sky=YES

    The world would be so right.